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Lien Hwa Milling Corp.

Lien Hwa Milling Corp (LHMC) is a subsidiary that branched out from LHIC's flour business in 2019. 

  • Leading Taiwan's food industry for 60 years

    Leading Taiwan's food industry for 60 years

    Lien Hwa Milling Corp (LHMC) is a subsidiary that branched out from LHIC's flour business in 2019. It is the largest, most established flour business in Taiwan.

    LHMC holds ISO22000, HACCP, TQF, and HALAL certifications both in and outside of Taiwan. After our relentless pursuit of excellence and breakthroughs, LHMC further received ISO 17025 and SQF Level 3 Diamond certifications in 2018. Our brands such as Blue Jacket, Camel, and Turnip have received critical acclaims throughout the industry, known for their stable, exceptional quality and brand recognition.

    To this day, LHMC remains the only flour business in Taiwan with three distinct flour production lines, each equipped with Buhler automatic multi-channel machines from Switzerland. This key advantage enabled mass customization for our customers. To date, we have created over one hundred specialized/customized flour products and strengthened our leadership position in the industry in Taiwan.