Quality Guaranteed

Lien Hwa Milling –
Three Promises on Food Safety with Heart

Lien Hwa Milling Company was founded in 1952 and have produced more than 10 million packets of flour and pasta for half a century, having supplied thousands of merchants across Taiwan throughout the years. As Taiwan’s largest flour supplier, proactively maintaining our Three Promises on food safety and bringing quality, trustworthy products to our customers has always been our highest priority.
Trustworthy Sources
Our products are carefully selected, national-standards-approved wheat imported from the U.S., Canada, Australia, etc.
Attentive Production Process
Full Automation and Five Point QA Process Dedicated for Food Safety.
Eat with Confidence
Transparent Product Resume, Live-Tracking Online.

Trustworthy Sources

The flour we use at Lien Hwa Milling is produced from carefully selected, superior wheat products from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and locally from Taiwan. We customize our flour products based on its traits to satisfy different baking requirements. Each grain of our wheat has a full resume that is available online, which includes source tracing, factory inspection, and third-party approved safety reports on pesticide residue, mycotoxins, heavy metal residue, etc.

Attentive Production Process

In order to ensure the most professional, stable, and confidence-inspiring products, Lien Hwa Milling strictly follows the Five Point QA method throughout its production line. These comprehensive processes check for quality and compliance at each stage of the production. We not only provide the best flour in terms of quality, but also provide safety assurance for our consumers.

Food Safety Certification

In order to protect the health rights and interests of each customer, 
Lianhua Milled Food actively participates in various international certifications and simultaneously reach the the world's top standards. 
We are fortunate to obtain ISO 22000, HACCP, TQF, and SQF food safety inspections, and HALAL certification. 
Therefore, our consumers can enjoy our products with health and safety.

Eat with Confidence

Every product delivered to your hand is a promise from Lien Hwa. Lien Hwa has always focused its efforts on safety, stability and confidence since its founding and has prided itself as a gatekeeper for food safety. We believe that you have the right to understand the product you purchase from us. Therefore, we have engraved ID QR-Code onto our packages. These codes, once scanned, will provide tracking data such as source material, process flow, production batch numbers, and nutrient content. These data are fully transparent and live online.