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2021 / 08 / 01

Cooperation Announcement of Lien Hwa Milling Corp. and Chiao Thai Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Lien Hwa Milling Corp (hereinafter LHMC) and Chiao Thai Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd. (hereinafter CTH) are proud to announce our formal, full strategic cooperation beginning August 1, 2021. This collaboration aims to create synergies by combining the best of our advantages, such as product development, quality assurance, production management, automation, as well as our branding. The goal of this joint venture is to provide the best product and services to our customers.

In order to ensure uniformity in product support and business experience for clients in both LHMC and CTH, LHMC will hence forth be responsible for all customer/sales related contacts. Beginning today, please connect with our representatives regarding technical and procurement questions by using the below contact information:

  • Customer Support/Procurement Hotline:0800-200-806
  • Technical/Service Hotline:0800-223-589

We at LHMC and CTH would like to express our deepest appreciation your long-term support and encouragement. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you continuously in the future.